Annaprashan Photography

ANNAPRASANA is a ritual performed by the family for a newborn baby. Basically, it is a rice-feeding ceremony. On this auspicious day, the newborn baby steps a little forward in their life, for the first time they intake rice as the solid food paired with fish and many more. This ceremony is usually carried out when the baby is usually five to six months old. It is more known as ‘mamabhat’. On this occasion, this sweet gesture is mainly performed by the maternal uncle, where the baby is first fed by their maternal uncle only. 

Which month is best for Annaprasana?

Generally, this ritual is differently performed for a baby boy and a baby girl. The month traditionally varies in case of a baby girl and a baby boy. For a baby girl, annaprasan is performed in odd months usually in the fifth or seventh months of the baby and for a baby boy, it is usually done in even months like the sixth or eighth month of the baby.

Why Annaprashan is celebrated?

This ceremony is performed to mark the beginning of the baby’s first solid food intake. From this day, Baby starts having other foods besides breast milk.

What is the procedure for annaprasan?

The procedures vary in different cultures. As a whole, they start the process by offering a puja for babies’ good health and all the other rituals are performed in between. by the priests and other family members. 

Where Annaprasan can be performed?

Mostly, Annaprasan is done at home. every arrangement is done at home with perfection. Sometimes, it is done in the temple too. However, some prefer to set the ceremony outdoor in order to create a big event.


Traditional Wear:

Traditional dresses could be the most adorable dresses for little ones. Comfortable dresses with fantastic ethnic wear could create a photogenic look for toddlers. The baby boy could be dressed up in festive colors with Dhoti Kurta, or Pajama Punjabis. Dresses customized with unique and traditional designs could help to create a different and pure ethnic look. The baby girl could be dressed up with a beautiful saree pairing it with a hairband as it could give a flawless look for the picture. Lahenga-choli is also never out of fashion. Remember, to capture the best pose, the dresses must be body-hugging. Following the trend is never a bad idea, so a mother-daughter duo would create an authentic look too.


Floral dresses or any light outfit should be kept as an alternative dress. After a tiring event when the baby gets exhausted, these dresses could help a toddler be free, and also create a different look for photography. Taking pictures of the toddlers with this floral dress in a garden area or an open balcony with indoor plants and flowers makes the frame look extraordinary.


Formal wear can create an awesome as well as a different look. Choose a bright color attire, like denim color jeans. Pairing it with a contrast color shirt can enhance the look and can escalate the picture for perfection.


Patience is the key to capture good baby photography. It is very uncertain to sneak good pictures of a baby because their emotions take no time to burst out. So, focusing on rituals and capturing the moment is a good idea. These moments can give us a handful of photos.


Solo shots are always special and adventurous. Though it’s tough to manage them, we try to gift you the absolute treasure of your baby,s innocence and their graceful smile. we capture your magical moments into blissful memories.

These snapshots of the baby will be a real treasure of a growing time. These shots are generally taken before the rituals are done because the baby gets exhausted after the rituals are performed. 


Baby in a house? Sounds like a perfect family. So, a perfect family needs a perfect family photograph too. This is the perfect event to showcase the bonding among the baby, parents, and other family members. An outdoor shoot, like a lawn or a pool area, garden area, or any space well maintained or decorated can enhance the beauty of the photographs. This could make this photographic event more realistic and fun-filled.


Every ceremony has its own rituals. It just varies with different cultures and beliefs. These rituals and beliefs make this occasion more colorful and lively. Every ritual performed on this day is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moment. So, we ensure to gift your most precious moments that fade with time. 


This is the most important ritual among the Bengalis performed in annaprasan. The baby takes a haldi bath with others. Rituals are performed aside and that creates a beautiful moment to capture. while performing this event a baby can be caught in many 

 positions and that could be captured.                        

  1. PUJA:

Chanting mantras and doing puja is considered the holiest thing performed in a ceremony. Mostly, Narayan puja is done as one of the rituals for a baby’s health and happiness. At this time, many things are done which could be captured.


This moment is the most blissful moment in the whole ritual. The maternal uncle starts feeding the baby, and the baby tastes the solid food like “kheer” for the first time. This pure expression of the baby is on the top of the world to be framed. After seeing so many delicious foods, the immense joy that is reflected in babies’ eyes is beyond words. This could be the most eternal moment ever witnessed and captured.

  1. FUN GAME:

Sometimes, myths are also fun-filled. These religious rites are followed by a fun game. Some special objects are kept on a  plate where each of them symbolizes something. Like, jewels symbolize wealth, the pen symbolizes wisdom, books symbolize learning so forth, and the baby is encouraged to pick one. The one that is picked, shows their area of interest or is considered as fate. This whole scenario is photographed sincerely as it narrates the whole story later.